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Born and raised in New Mexico, Joella Alderete LIvesey, brings some Southwest flavor to the Pacific Northwest.  After working as a graphic artist for a screen printing company, she was inspired to create her own line of t-shirts. Her t-shirt line is influenced by her love of nature and strong women. Joella also found a love for working with metal, stones and jewelry.  Her products will connect you to that special desert energy she experienced growing up as a child.  Her smudge kits were created to encourage you to stay connected to nature, ritual, healing energy and each other.

Joella is proud of her Hispanic heritage, her parents were the first generation in her family to learn English. She has her Bachelors in Graphic Design, Masters in Social Work and a Minor in Spanish.  When she isn't in her studio, you will find her in nature with her children and husband and whether she is traveling by car, motorcycle, or hiking, nature is where she feels most connected! It is also where she finds her balance and inspiration and nurtures her wild spirit.

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"Wising you all lots of love and laughter along your journey. May you always nourish and stay connected to your wild spirit! Que encuentras paz en tu corazón y alma en este viaje humano. Con mucho Amor.” -Joella

Joella Alderete Livesey




Red Desert Rose

Portland, OR, USA